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My name is Chai. I usually introduce myself to others as "Chai Latte".

I am a self-driven IT professional offering on-the-web solution including database design and implementation for business and organization needs. I have experience of working on individual and team projects under agile methodology and possess a can-do attitude, excellent leadership qualities, natural problem-solving ability and analytical skills. My goal is to develop applications that provide genuine and meaningful values to end-users whilst further enhancing user experience in fast-paced environments.

I believe time is very precious and once it's gone, it's gone forever. Therefore, I put time management at the top of my skill sets.

Technology Stack







Full Stack Developer
Canstar, Brisbane City, Queensland

April 2018 – Current

  • Be responsible for developing solid architecture for features, justifying alternatives, and getting signoff from peers and CTO
  • Develop code for performance and be mindful of technical debt
  • Perform code reviews and seek new ways to improve methods
  • Adopt agile methodology and work with deadlines
  • Contribute to application’s documentation and conduct quality assurance
  • Use multiple languages from technology stack to deliver a product according to requirements
  • Liaise with team members and stakeholders from different cultural backgrounds
Information Technology Tutor
International Education Services, Brisbane

July 2017 – Current

  • Plan and deliver IT workshops including introduction to information systems, web coding and programming
  • Liaise with senior teachers regarding curriculum development and student engagement strategies
  • Build rapport with students and develop individualised goals that will impact on their learning
  • Promote constructive classroom management practices
  • Maintain high standards of confidentiality, punctuality, attendance and personal appearance
Analyst Programmer
Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences, University of Queensland

February to December 2017

  • Adopt agile methodology and good design principles to deliver a web-based application
  • Communicate with team members to deliver a product within a given timeframe
  • Apply various programming languages and frameworks to deliver a product according to functional requirements
  • Liaise with various internal and external stakeholders
  • Collaborate with team members using Git workflow
  • Map multiple diagrams to ensure our application meet all client’s requirements
  • Contribute to application’s documentation and conduct debugging before delivery


GovHack 2017, Brisbane

July 2017

Winner of 3 State Awards with Team Freedom Fighters
  • Best Transport Solution for South East Queensland
  • Know your Clean, Green and Sustainable footprint
  • Most innovative idea to ease congestion around schools
GovHack is an annual volunteer run international competition and community development event, which brings together technology creatives and innovators from the private, public and government sectors with government data to explore and discover new ways to help create a better society. In 46 hours hackers form teams, identify problems to solve, build working prototypes, publish their code as open source, and make a short video showing what they did and why. Projects can include web, mobile or augmented reality applications, new analysis or even 3D printed visualisations to understand data and patterns.

EAIT Student Ambassador
University of Queensland

6 August 2017

  • Talk to prospective students about IT degree at UQ
  • Share life-on-campus experience including information about the extra curriculum activities they can participate in
  • Promote IT degree and explain the similarities/differences from software engineering and computer science degree
  • Answer any questions they may have regarding IT degree
Chrysalis Young Leaders Conference, Emmanuel College

28 June 2015 to 5 July 2015

  • Discuss the ways in which leadership and conflict resolution influence each other
  • Public speaking experience and showcase leadership abilities
  • Get experience from leaders in community, business and the envorionment who speak about their experiences
  • Engage in teamwork activities and learn to work in a group
  • Learn about the indigenous culture of Australia
  • Meet participants from diverse cultural backgrounds
  • Broaden my horizons with ideas and make new friendship
1st Place Recipient
Chrysalis Global Youth Challenge, Brisbane
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9 November 2014

  • Meet participants from different cultural backgrounds
  • Broaden my horizons with ideas and make new friendship
  • Operate businesses using PierSim and compete and trade amongst each other
  • Solve major global issues using G20 leadership styles
  • Involve strong teamwork and problem solving skills


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